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The technical notes used on this site were originally compiled by Patrick Farrell, Ken Patience, Mick Street, and Pat Toohey.

Patrick Farrell is the current Parts Co-ordinator of the Landcrab Owners Club of Australasia.
Mick Street, formerly of Townsville Queensland, and Pat Toohey of Charters Towers, also in Queensland Australia, were both members of the Queensland Austin Motor Vehicle Club.

Many 1800's still survive, and provided they are rust-free and have 'straight' bodies, even today they can be restored at a very reasonable cost, particularly if the work is carried out by a mechanically competent owner.

For around AUS $3,000, replacement of suspension units, wheel bearings, brakes, CV joints, steering rack and pinion and ball joints, together with an engine overhaul, clutch and anciliary items is possible, which virtually brings the car back to a near-new condition ensuring many more years of reliable motoring.
This compares more than favourably with the cost of a new car.

The Austin1800 was built way ahead of its time and built to last. The body shell is extremely strong and still outclasses simulated crash testing involving Mercedes Benz and Volvo.

May 1988, saw the inauguration of the Landcrab Owners Club of Australasia (formerly Canberra and District Austin 1800 Club) and is currently 120 strong. The aim of the club is to preserve and restore 1800's and provide technical advice, along with assisting with members' repairs. We are affiliated with the Queensland and Victorian Austin Motor Vehicle Clubs and the Landcrab Owners Club lnternational in Wales UK.

An edited prologue by Mick Street.

John Roach, webmaster living in Perth, Western Australia is an 1800 enthusiast and has spent a couple of hours designing this site (ha ha).
It incorporates much of Ken Patience and Patrick Farrell's hard work that allow us to present you with this informative and hopefully entertaining site.

This site is bought to you with the full support of the Landcrab Owners Club Australasia.

Thanks to: Patrick Farrell, Ken Patience, Mick Street, Pat Toohey, Ken Green and Ken Lyle.

Rescuing the Site - December 2009

The original site went offline in mid 2009, all attempts to locate and contact John Roach the original webmaster have failed. It can only be assumed that something unfortunate happened to John. As the original site was no longer accessible, and John would have been the only person to have an offline copy of the website it seemed that we had lost this wonderful Austin 1800 resource.

Thankfully an almost complete copy of this web site had been captured at web.archive.org and it was possible to reconstruct most of the original pages of this site.

This website remains as a tribute to the many hours.... years of work John put into collecting and compiling Austin 1800 information.

Webmaster - Blue Streak Six