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Number of cylinders: 4 inline
Bore: 3.16"  (80.26mm)
Stroke: 3.51"  (88.9mm)
Displacement: 109.75 cu. in.  (1,798cc)
Valve position and operation: Overhead pushrods and rockers
Compression Ratio: 8.2:1 (optional 6.8:1 for export)
Max. bhp (net): 85 at 5,300rpm
Max bmep (net): 136 psi at 2,100 rpm
Max torque (net): 99 ft. lbs. at 2,100 rpm
Carburettor: SU type MS4
Fuel Pump: SU electric
Tank Capacity: 10.75 Imperial gallons (49 litres)
Sump Capacity: 15 pints (8.5 litres)
Oil Filter: Tecalemit full flow


Clutch: 8.5" diameter, Borg & Beck single dry plate, hydraulically operated
Gearbox: 4 speed, all synchromesh, cable operated control floor change
Overall Gear Ratios:
Standard: Top 4.19, 3rd 5.79, 2nd 9.29, 1st 13.78, Reverse 12.88
Optional:  Top 3.88, 3rd 5.37, 2nd 8.61, 1st 12.78, Reverse 11.94

Final Drive: Hypoid ratios: 4.19:1
                                 Optional: 3.88:1.