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Repairers of the Landcrab

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Robert Goodall has closed his Heritage Workshops in Melbourne and relocated back to New Zealand. He is available via email should you want to contact him for advice.

Newport Motors - South Australia
Leyland Parts Specialists
Adelaide's oldest surviving BMC / Leyland Dealer.
We have excellent stocks of both obselete and current fast moving parts for your Austins.

Currently dismantling 1800's, Kimberleys, Tasmans, Morris Majors and Austin Lancers.

Certainly worth a phone call for any odd-ball requests.

Craig Martin - Prop.
10 Symonds Street
Royal Park 5014
South Australia
Ph: (08) 8447 3822
Fax: (08) 8447 7698
Mobile: 0419 804 615

Email: craigm@arcom.com.au




Hans J. Pedersen
Victoria, Australia
Ph. 61 3 9874 1800



The Austin 1800 is one of the reasons this company was started.

The very first Hi-Flow air filters were made for our 1800. Then we started making Hi-Flow extractors for the 1800, we still make these to order.

We designed our MGB supercharger kit to also be fitted to Austin 1800's.

Currently, there is a beige Mk I out there (as featured in the side bar of the independent test link on our site) with one of our kits.

Since that test we have fitted a fully modified alloy cylinder head, roller rockers, big bore extractors and system plus fully computerised EFI and full engine management system.

Because the power is produced without the use of high rpm. the mechanical stresses are not as great as would be thought at first.

In fact, some sources suggest a blown engine is under less stress than a naturally aspirated unit. Since it is high rpm's that impose extreme loads on an engine.

Hans J. Pedersen