These vehicles have been featured on the home page of this website in the past.


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The photo first featured on this site - a Mk I Austin 1800 was a promo from BMC


Ken Lyle's Mk II Austin 1800 Ute



James McLernon's English Morris 1800


Louise Docker's Mk I Austin 1800


Mike Davey's Mk I Austin 1800 Ute


Peter Collingwood's Mk I Austin 1800


Peter Jones' Mk II Austin 1800


Wayne Hutchinson's Mk II Morris 1800




Peter Richardson's Wolseley 18/85



Steve's Mk II Austin 1800


Graham Lord's Mk II Austin 1800 U Beaut Aussie Ute.


Marcus Sharpe's Mk II Austin 1800


Matt Cook's Mk II Austin 1800


Cliff Manning's Mk I Austin 1800



Sahra Stolz's Mk II Austin 1800


Paul Thomson's Mk II Austin 1800 Ute
Photo taken by Steve Oom - Australian Classic Cars


Ewen Cameron's Mk II Austin 1800


Garry Fry's Mk II Austin 1800 Rally car and Patrick Farrell's 18/85 Wolseley


Brad Parker's 1969 Mk II Austin 1800


Darren Traynor's Mk I Austin 1800




Chris Linford's 1971 Wolseley 18/85 S


Brad Barber's Mk II Austin 1800 Ute


Graeme Widmer's Austin 1800 Aussie Station Wagon
See more pics of this unique vehicle


Greg and Penny Juster's Morris 1800 MK II S


Nigel William's Wolseley 18/85


Adrian Castle's Mk I Austin 1800


Stephen Alcock's (W.A.) 1970 Austin 1800 Mk II auto in Rally livery.


Gordon Purger's 1969 Wolseley 18/85 S and his 1972 six Automatic.