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There are still more great pics and stories.



From: Ken Green
Subject: Aeons 
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002


Aeon was the trade name for a big rubber bump stop/spring assister that were/are still made in England they were available for most cars at one time and were fitted between the frame and axle to give extra help with the springing when the car was laden like towing a caravan .

They were also used by the BMC Works teams on the Mini and Austin 1800 as Heavy Duty bump stops and were listed in the Special Tuning catalogue both in the UK and Oz.

They are useful in keeping the back of a car off the ground when you have a full load in the boot or are towing.

They were a standard fitment to all the rally cars and were vital on a hydrolastic mini to stop the front to rear pitching on acceleration.


Also extremely useful when carrying a couple of Sumo wrestlers in the back.



From: Dave Bennett
Fuel Tank Sender Units
Sat Nov 9 2002

By accident, I found the following seems to work. When I replaced my 1800 Mk 11 saloon sender unit, the fuel gauge still did not work. A check with a third sender unit proved that the first two units were "dead". I tried a sender unit from an 1100 and apart from the length of the wire lever everything else seemed the same as the 1800. This includes the nylon float and the actual mechanism which fits into the tank upper surface. The only visible difference is in the wire lever which is a couple of inches longer than the 1800 unit. To cut a long story short, the gauge works and appears to be reasonably accurate.

It goes to show Dave, that you can't expect ALL sender units to work eh?



From: Ian Comport
Subject: Rally Cars History 
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002


My car was car 158 in the 1979 Repco Reliability Trial.  It was prepared by Brent Benzie who has comments on this bulletin board. The car did not finish the event because the driver who got it stuck in sand, tried to restart the beast whilst it was still running and jammed it all up. He pulled out thinking it
had seized up when all it required was another starter motor and it was ready to go. Brent and some of his Australian friends could be able to help you with more information.

I know between 1980 and and when I got the car in 1987 it had done a few rallies including a win in the Dulux rally. The car was white, then blue. The car in the 1969 rally I seem to think was one of the ex L-S cars?

Pat should be able to put most of it together, Brent and his Australian contacts could tell you a lot. Brent worked on the rally cross Austin 1800 which Terry reminded me of, and I am willing to chase up any other leads I have because I too am keen to see a definitive book on the Austin 1800 and its competition history.

How's about a couple of pics of your car and some of those leads, Ian?
From: "ken green"
To: "John Roach (OZ Landcrab)" <>
Subject: Centenary rally
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002


Here's my car on the way to a Gold medal on the Centenary Rally last month (June 2002).

As you can see Historic Rallying in the UK is mostly over the Moors on narrow twisting  roads, You can see the road following the stream up the valley to the passage control (cars waiting to clock in) it then goes over a I in 4 pass with Hairpin Bends and 12 miles of 1 car wide track to the next control.

Note the absence of Bull Dust however if you look very carefully you will see a 'roo on the back parcel shelf as the car has Australian ute rear suspension carriers and sumpguard.

The weather was 10c and wet ie English Summer note spectators clothing.


G'day Ken,
Great pic of ol' YED and the countryside. If I didn't know any better, I'd guess you've got that bloody heater on full bore because your shirt sleeves aren't long enough for a British Summer and your wiper blades are in the wrong position (ha ha ha).

Congratulations on winning the Gold Medal.

A great pic Ken. I can see the 'roo too. Hoo Roo.



From: Patrick
Subject: Steering Wheels
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002

AUTOSPORT in Melbourne have 15" Griplite steering wheels in stock. They will fit if you use the SAAS boss.

As a matter of interest the SAAS boss for the Mini will also fit the Austin 1800.

They're a nice looking steering wheel Patrick.


From: Robert Alyari 
Subject: steering wheel
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002

Hi Brad,

SAAS products make a boss kit for the Austin 1800, Tasman - Kimberley range in Australia. It costs, depending on where you buy it any where between $70 to $75 (aus. dollars). The only problem is that SAAS only make up to a 14 inch steering wheel, which is really too small and makes the steering even harder. Trust me, I've been there.

The SAAS boss kit also fits AutoTechnica Wheels, but same problem, 14 inches is as big as they go.

Hope this helps Brad.
Take care,

It's worth noting here that the steering on the Mk I Austin 1800 is much lighter than the Mk II

From: "Brad Parker"
To: "John Roach" <>
Subject: Alternator
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002

Hey there. if you'd like to see more angles or some better photos I'll take some more. Just let me know.


The alternator I used for to replace the 25 amp LUCAS on my Landcrab was a BOSCH alternator off a Ford Fairlane 81 model. Its 55amp and 14.4 volts.

You will also need a larger adjusting bar. I used the one off a 302 Windsor motor that was previously in a Falcon. and one piece of right angle bar around 1 foot long (you'll have to trim it to the length you need.)

Remove the old alternator. slacken the bolt on the adjusting bar and push it back out of the way.

On lucas alternator, get someone to hold a rag in the cooling fan on the alternator while you undo the bolt on the shaft. remove the pulley (may require a puller, if you dont have one try some CRC and smack the shaft on the butt a few times, that should get it loose.).

On the Bosh alternator, get someone to hold the fan using a rag and remove the bolt from its shaft. Remove the pulley and replace it with the pulley from the Lucas alternator.

Using the bolts that came off the Lucas, mount the Bosh alternator where the Lucas previously was. (this is all a lot easier with the coil and mounting removed).

Drill two holes at each end of the right angle bar (big enough to fit 2 bolts though). One hole on one side and one on the other angle. (round the corners off with the grinder or else you'll tear yourself open).

Bolt the right angle bar to the head bolt thats the closest to the water outlet. Bolt the adjusting bar to the other end, then bolt the alternator to it and you're done!

The wiring is very straight forward. Pull the Green wire out of the plug and plug it into the alternator, and finally bolt the charge wire on. You don't need to do anything with the external regulator as far as I know. (maybe someone can field that one). I havent had any problems at all with this setup.

Sorry for the poor instructions. Perhaps the picture will illustrate better than my rambling.

kind regards Brad Parker.

Thanks for that Brad, I think they will get the picture (sorry about the pun).

Brad's alternator modification.



Date: Tuesday, 11 February 2003
To: John Roach <>
Subject: 85 amp alternator

G'day John
Bosch 85 amp alternator fitted to my 1800, taken from a Mitsubishi Magna. It was 55  amp originally.
At one stage you wanted this photo for the website, finally got around to doing it.

regards   Patrick

Thanks Patrick.
How'd you get it from 55amp to 85 amp? (dumb question?)



From:  "Ian Comport"
To:  <>
Subject:  London to Sydney 1968
Date:  Wed, 27 Jun 2001

To John Roach,

My name is Ian Comport and I have been in contact with Brent Benzie in recent times.  When he was last over here I took him to see some cars and some people.  One of these cars was an ex L-S 1968 Austin 1800 which was being prepared for the 1995 Mobil round Australia rally.

This car was used by Rauno.Aaltonen, a famous rally driver. This car stayed in Australia and went to Taylors of Medinci, who helped repair it during the event and who was known as a BMC rally driver, plus built a car called the Taylors Tasman.

Mr Taylor sold it to a doctor here in melbourne who had it prepared for the 1995 event.  It finished the event and is
still here.

The Evan Green Austin 1800 was also still in australia and did a few events before being converted for rally cross with a cross flow head.

Brent thought this information might interest you. I am keen BMC man with an Austin 1800 Rally car, a few Austin 1800 utes and a sedan.  I am keen on the rally and race exploits of BMC especially the Minis and Austin 1800's.

best regards

Ian Comport


My Reply sent on 27th June 2001

Greetings Ian,
Thanks for the interesting info. I can see you sure are a keen BMC man.

I am interested in any info you have of the ex L-S rally cars or for that matter, any info on the 1968 rally itself.

If you have any pics or stories of the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon I sure would be interested in them to put on my website.

I have a MK1 1800 manual, and it needs lots of tlc but the mechanics are virtually all done - brand new gearbox, recon. motor, clutch etc plus the engine bay has been completely restored. All the work has been done by Ken Lyle.

I built the Austin 1800 Website because there was precious little about the Landcrab on the Internet so I decided to 'do my bit'.

Well Ian, that's about it for now, over to you......


To: "John Roach" <> 
Subject: Bonnet Badges
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002

G'day John

The only charge for the bonnet badge would be the cost of the horn button about $5. However you have to supply the chrome bezel, as we don't have any.

You will have to send the bezel to us as we machine the horn button to suit. There is no charge for the machining, just the price of the horn button.

Postage and packing will be about $A4.70 (to Western Australia)


What more can I say? I have purchased one and it looks as good as new!!!



From: "ken green"
To: "John Roach" <>
Subject: SMO 227G
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002

The latest pics of SMO 227G can be found on this web site

They were taken at the MG car Clubs classic gathering last week.

Ken Green




Evan Green / Roy Denny,  Southern Cross Rally 1969 - result not known but Andrew Cowan won in a sister car.
Photo courtesy: Ken Green and Castrol Achievements book 1969.


Evan Green / Roy Denny on the Snowy Rally. First overall.
Photo courtesy: Ken Green and Castrol Achievements book 1969.


From: Ian Davy (Oz)

This Bulletin Board is an amazing resource
Mon Mar 31 2003

Hi all,

Just thought I would pass on what a great resource this board, the Website, and the LOCA are.

I am currently looking after my brothers Hillman Minx. I've tried to find a resource like this one but I can't.

Don't take the board for granted!!

Participate in discussion, provide technical info, and above all help out fellow Crab owners.


My sentiments exactly Ian.


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