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Mk1 Austin 1800 picture from original BMC advertising


This site is dedicated to all Landcrab enthusiasts keeping this Marque alive.

The Austin 1800 has survived every test it has been subjected to.
Time is the teller.

Truly - The Car of the Century - the Austin / Morris 1800
- also called the Landcrab -
has quietly attained phenomenal motoring achievements



This site will inform, educate and entertain all Landcrab enthusiasts.

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- A history of Austin - plant, location etc.

- Photo Album - Excellent display of BMC Landcrabs and variants contributions are welcome

- Join the Google Landcrab Group post comments, questions, tips or just leave a message

- Many interesting facts, plus technical Tips and Hints

- A list of Publications on the Austin 1800

- Lots of Trivia about the Landcrab and London-Sydney Marathon

- The Aussie 1800  what made it different?

- Readers Tips and Hints - your contributions may save the life of a Landcrab

- Every classic car needs a workshop. Pay a visit to learn more about repairing Landcrabs

- Take a trip Down Memory Lane and enjoy those days of Yesteryear

- Repairers of our Landcrabs - These mechanics are our 'friends in need'

- For Sale - Buy, Swap, or Sell - Place an advertisement in our CrabMart

- Visit our Hall of Fame - archived photos of previously featured cars on the home page

- Archived Photos - of the BMC assembly plant at Zetland NSW, Australia

- Links to many other sites

- The Austin 1800 Lawn Mower - ...and you thought you'd seen it all



This web site is dedicated to John Roach the original webmaster.
John compiled most of the information you'll find on this site today.